Welcome to High Desert Cancer Outreach Center. One of the best opportunities offered in the High Desert community that supports the outreach of information available concerning cancer awareness.  Through your support and contributions of the High Desert Cancer Outreach Center (HDCOC) the efforts of this tremendous awareness campaign will enable the mobilization of staff, volunteers and cancer survivors the opportunity to educate, equip, cope and serve as a preventative and intervention measure during the time of need.


Welcome to High Desert Cancer Outreach CenterThe High Desert Cancer Outreach Center is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization formed to educate the community on health care topics particularly those pertaining to the development and the cure of cancer and cancer related diseases by providing educational tools through various manners of outreach.

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Working with the medical community, our education on proper nutrition, exercise and other tools for wellbeing are promoted during our workshops, and one-on-one counselings.

By forging collaborations with local healthcare professionals, health clinics and hospitals, we are able to broaden our scope of services to support and serve with dedicated and caring trained professionals who understand.

How do I Volunteer?

We have several areas where you can get involved. We host several events throughout the year ranging from Basketball tournaments to Day Camps. If you can offer your time we would love to have you join our team of dedicated volunteers.


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